Mergers & Acquisitions

We represent our clients through exclusive mandates for buying or selling.

Buy-side mandate

 Determining the scope and criteria of the transaction

 Identifying and approaching the selected target companies

 Performing a valuation of the selected target company (ies)

 Giving advice on the optimal deal including acquisition financing as the case may be

 Coordinating all the due-diligence process

 Participating in all negotiations (valuation, legal documents, etc) until deal closing

 Post closing follow up

Sell-side mandate
Preparing all the necessary documentation

Performing a valuation of the company and highlighting the key negotiation issues

 Identifying and approaching potential investors

 Giving advice on the optimal deal

 Coordenar o processo de due diligence

 Coordinating all the due-diligence process

 Participating in all the negotiations (terms of the deal, legal documentation, etc)

 Post closing follow up

Capital Raising

We assist our clients in finding the best financing options.

 Understanding the capital needs

 Identifying and evaluating capital options available including bank debt, mezzanine, debentures and private placements

 Preparing all the necessary documentation

 Giving advice on the optimal financers/investors

 Coordinating all due-diligence process

 Participating in all the negotiations with financers/investors until closing

Debt & Business restructuring

We support our clients in navigating stressful situations.

 Assets acquisition

 Cash management

 Distressed M&A transactions

Strategic advisory for HNIs (High net worth individuals)

We help family businesses in their professionalization.

 Family Governance

 Family Business professionalization

 Board advisory in Family businesses

 Performing a comprehensive strategic report on a specific sector (market drivers, threats, opportunities and possible development options

 Recommendation and presentation to executive committee

Helping international companies to enter in Brazil and Latin America

We accompany our clients throughout their entry into Brazil and LATAM.

Understanding Latin America and each specific country

 Development of market studies

 Introduction to accounting, law firms and other required specialist firms


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